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  • President Caroline Kane Kenna welcomed everyone to the meeting and recognized three new members.
  • She announced a rebranding plan to be completed by 2022. The first step is a new logo, unanimously approved by the executive board, that represents "a shift in focus from place to people, our community, our stories and our words." She introduced the creator CWC member Gordon Smith who "brought his love for the club and 30 years of advertising and graphic design experience to this project."

Gordon Smith unveiled the new logo.  Below are comments from our members:

I love this logo. Modern in the way that adaptations of African masks became modern. Love as well the openness at the top with ideas escaping in the thought bubbles.

I really like how it literally adds a "face" to the organization that any potential member can see themself in.

I felt it when I saw it! It’s gorgeous and inspiring

It makes you think and that's something I like.

I like it! I’m startled by it, but the more I look at it, the more RIGHT it seems. Well done!

I love that the mouth is a Z.....the pinnacle.

A tribal mask of writers.

It's beautiful and has effective meaning.

Jennifer Hurlburt, Critique Groups coordinator, spoke about forming critique groups -- and the invited those present to genre breakout rooms to meet others interested in finding a partner or a group for peer review. Learn more about this benefit of membership on the CWC Critique Groups page.

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