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Thursday, March 29 2018

1.   I’ve had good news about Accidental Activists in the past week. My book has been named a finalist for an INDIES Best Book Award in the category of LGBT nonfiction. INDIES Awards go to book from university and small presses. Winners will be announced on June 15th.

You can find a press release with information on the awards at:

Information particular to Accidental Activists can be found at:

2. I have spent the last few months editing Boundless, a new anthology of prose, short fiction and nonfiction to be published by the Compass Flower Press. Profits from the anthology will help to support the Unbound Book Festival in Columbia, Missouri (April 19-21) where the keynote speaker will be Zadie Smith, joined by Christina Baker Kline and Theresa Fowler as other headliners.

More on Boundless is available at:

I am scheduled to appear at the Unbound Book Festival on a panel discussing protest literature. Here is the description of that panel as it will appear in the festival program.

The Power of Protest

Panelists: Joshua Clover, David Collins, Heather Derr-Smith, John Johnson

Moderator: Becca Hayes, MU Department of English

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Sunday, March 25 2018
Steve Underwood has released his first novel

Steve Underwood has released his first novel, The Borrowed Princess, published by Warren Publishing

The first book in the Daughters of the Lost King series, The Borrowed Princess, follows Princess Campanulis, or “Tic” for short. Tic is the seventh and last daughter of Azarule and somewhat of a royal outcast, given her preference for trousers and pony tails. But when Azarule and the northern land of Polaris are challenged by Midloathian, the most aggressive power in the New World, Tic is recruited for a diplomatic mission to Polaris. She agrees to the mission, led by Azarulian. diplomat Count Plumdom, who feels Tic is the perfect choice to help teach the newly-formed monarchy how to manage their government. More delicately, he hopes she might make a suitable bride for the heir of the Polarian throne and help seal an alliance. Plumdom is aided by his son, Plover, a long-time friend of Tic’s who thinks she is a perfect choice for the mission, but knows nothing of his father’s matrimonial ideas. With the help of a lively cast of characters, including Tic’s quirky friend, Toadie, and her sisters, Pariatamus and Vanawishus, Tic embarks on a daring and whimsical adventure.

Underwood is a retired educator, and he taught for thirty-three years at the secondary and college level before retiring to be an author. He has written one other book, but this is his first targeted to middle-grades. “I wanted to write something for my young granddaughters,” he says, “but Tic and Plover took over the story and made it their own.” Underwood lives with his wife and two dogs, with his two sons and their families close by. He drew inspiration for much of The Borrowed Princess from adventures his sons went on as children.

The Borrowed Princess is available for purchase in paperback at,, or wherever books are sold.

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Wednesday, March 14 2018

Joyce Brown's poetry chapbook Singing with Jarred Edges is being published by Main Street Rag Publishing Company. Visit the site to read reviews from Lee Smith, Jim Clark, and Ron Rash as well as a few samples of the musically themed content.

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