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Saturday, September 17 2016
James Boatner's 2nd novel Red Pawn has been published

James Boatner wishes to announce the publication of his second novel, RED PAWN. The book is available from in either paper or Kindle versions.

Dmitri Orlov was an elite clandestine agent with the GRU, the Russian Army’s foreign intelligence service, until he defected to the United States. He was placed in witness protection by the FBI and given a new identity and a new career as a private investigator in Charleston, South Carolina.

Brantley Kilpatrick, the junior senator from South Carolina, suspects his wife of adultery. He unwittingly hires the Russian to find out if his suspicions are true. The senator has higher political ambitions, but Orlov’s investigation discovers damning evidence of the senator’s malfeasance which also compromises his own cover to his Russian pursuers.

In a twist of fate, Kilpatrick becomes President of the United States, but Orlov holds secrets that could destroy his presidency.

When Orlov is betrayed by the very people he trusted most, he must decide whether to risk his life to extract revenge or to let go and escape to a distant shore with the woman he loves.

Thus begins a game of cat and mouse where the hunter becomes the hunted, and the hero becomes the villain as the Red Pawn is pursued by the Russian GRU, the Israeli Mossad, and the FBI.

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Tuesday, September 13 2016
Ann Campanella's book is named a finalist by the Next Generation Book Awards.

Ann Campanella's book, Motherhood: Lost and Found (a memoir about horses, Alzheimer's and infertility) will be released on Kindle Sept. 22nd.

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Thursday, September 08 2016

Susan Mills Wilson (leader of our Mystery Critique Group) and her critique group was featured in the Fall 2016 Ballantyne magazine.  Members included Dennis Carrigan, Jenfier Ruff , Jim Boatner, Susan Martin, and Reita Pendry .

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