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 Frequently Asked Questions 

General Meeting


Critique Groups




General Meeting

When is your next meeting?
The Charlotte Writers’ Club meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month from September-May. Check the schedule in November and December; meeting weeks may be changed if they fall near major holidays.

Where is your next meeting?
Meetings will be held at Providence United Methodist Church, 2810 Providence Road.

What is your next meeting about?
See our Calendar of Events page.

Can I still come to the meetings even if I’m not a member?
Yes. Guests are welcome to attend up to two general meetings before deciding to join.


How do I join the Charlotte Writers’ Club?
Go to the Membership page. It has instructions on how to join.

How much does it cost to be a member?
Annual dues are $35 for individuals, $20 for full-time students.

Do I have to live in North or South Carolina to be a member of the Charlotte Writers’ Club?

Is there an age limit for membership?
No. We have members from high-school age to retirement age.

I can’t remember when my membership expires. How do I find out when I need to renew my dues?
Go to the Membership page. It has instructions on how to renew.

How do I renew my CWC membership?
Go to the Membership page. It has instructions on how to renew.

Critique Groups

How do I join one of the CWC-sponsored critique groups?
Visit  the Critique Groups page. You can choose a group, matching your interest, and contact the leader directly by email, just click on their name to open an email. If your genre is not listed or you have additional questions, please contact Jennifer Hurlburt. If current groups are full, Jennifer can help to form new groups. Let leader or Jennifer whether you are a member of the Charlotte Writers’ Club. In order to belong to a CWC critique group, you must be a member of the Charlotte Writers’ Club.  The critique groups coordinators,  will try to match you with an existing group.

Where do your critique groups meet?
They are all different. Each one has a group leader, but otherwise they vary in format, size, meeting location, etc. Details are worked out by the group members.

Do you have a screenwriting critique group?
Not at present, but you are always welcome to form one. New groups often form at our October Critique Groups meeting.


Can I advertise my new book/workshop/special event on your website?
The Charlotte Writers’ Club does not advertise for-profit activities on our website unless they benefit the club.  However, there is a place for member KUDOS where your website address can be posted.  This is a members only page.

I’m a CWC member. How do I announce my new book/award to the membership?
We will put announcements on the Members’ Kudos page and you can announce it during the member announcements segment at a club meeting.

I’m not a CWC member, but can I come talk about/read from my book at one of your meetings?
We work out our schedule of presenters at least a year in advance, and we generally prefer to find our own speakers. However, if you think you have something that would be of wide interest to readers and writers in the Charlotte area, please read the SPEAKER GUIDELINES and contact one of the Program Chairs to submit a proposal.  Please note, our meeting speakers talk about the CRAFT of writing and our meetings are not a place for book readings or book promotions.

Our club's mission isn't doing 'readings' or publicity for writers - our purpose is to help our local writers with the craft of writing.  We offer critique groups, workshops, and contests.  We do have an Open Mic Night for our members to practice reading their work in public.  However, you have to be a member to read.

I'm from another writer organization, will CWC promote our workshops on their site?  It is the policy of the CWC to only promote workshops from partner organizations who have the same vision and goals as our club.  Contact the president of the club, ( if you wish to discuss a partnership. The president will take it to the board of directors to vote on.

Will the CWC promote my non-profit organization in their newsletters and on their website? No. The CWC is unable to promote every non-profit that asks us.  If we agree to do one, we'd have to agree to do all of them.  As much as we believe in these causes, our newsletter and web site is specifically to aid our members in their writing journeys.


How do I enter CWC contests?
See General Manuscript Requirements, Eligibility & Submission Information on our Contests page. Also make sure to check the guidelines for the specific contest you want to enter.

If I’ve already submitted a story to another contest (not CWC contest), can I still submit it to a CWC contest?
Yes, but please let us know that it is a simultaneous submission.

If I’ve published a story on my blog, can I still submit it to a CWC contest?
No. Entries must be unpublished. A blog counts as publication.

How much are contest entry fees?
Generally they are $15 per entry for members and $20 per entry for nonmembers, but some vary. Check the guidelines for the specific contest you want to enter.

If I win a contest, will you publish my winning entry?
No. However, many winners do go on to have their winning work published in other venues.

Can I receive sample copies of past winning entries?
Unfortunately no.  However, if you are at a meeting where a contest winner reads their work, you can talk to them at the meeting.

How many entries can I submit?
Writers may enter more than one contest but cannot enter multiple entries into one specific contest. Additionally, contest entries that have placed in any CWC contest are no longer eligible for future submission, regardless of calendar year.


How do I contact individual CWC board members?
Find board members on the Board of Directors page under the About CWC tab on the menu. Click on a person's name to send email. Not all board members have emails provided. If there is no email for the person you wish to contact, use the contact form.

I am a teacher at a nearby school and we’re having a literary festival. Is there a children’s book writer (etc.) in your group who could come give the students a presentation?

If you send us your request via our contact form, we’ll  make an announcement before the general meeting. But you might have better luck browsing our Members’ Books page for the type of writer you want, then contact that person directly with the email provided on the page.

I’m a student and I have to interview a writer for a school project. Can someone at CWC answer my questions?
Direct your question to

I’m looking for a ghostwriter. Can someone in your group do this for me?
This article on How to Hire a Ghostwriter might help you get started in your search.

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